My journey!!

Thank you for visiting my quest towards a new and healthy me. It may take a village to raise a child but through wisdom a house is built and with understanding it is established! Again this is a new quest in my life; I am looking for support, encouragement, great stories and even pictures of your quest to a healthier you.

We can strenghten each other physicaly, spiritually and mentally. Lets see the power of unity as I live out my quest with you!

Friday, December 24, 2010


I finally ordered Shakeology for my husband and I! Iam soooo excited. He has noticed a difference with my issue yal know about and it sold him; along with the taste he LOVES IT! I am so happy that my husband and I can do something together like this. He has health challenges so just being that example to him while we grow together in a healthy direction really makes me happy.
 Starting in the new year we will also workout together! yeah!!!!!!!! We will be bringing it with P90x. I recommended this DVD for him because his knees bothers him alot and this workout wont be as hard on them as Insanity!

Talk to yal later. I want to start a vblog soon. I'll keep yal posted.

sassy water?!

Ok, so two weeks ago i tried this water called Sassy Water. I found it on Preventions web site and thought I'd try it. Nothing deep just: lemon, cucumber and ginger...and 2 liters of water. You make it the night/day before let sit in the frige and you have to drink it all in the same day. This is to done for 4 days.Well i took pictures and did daily weighs; oh yeah the water is to take away water weight thats it. To my surprise it worked! These are my results:
day 1: 137
day 2: 136
day 3: 134
day 4: 133
 Very interesting my belly went down like everyday. I also stayed away from the foods that cause bloating such as; chewing gum, salt, beans, fruit that has high acid, apples, wheat bread, if i consume more than the equvalent of 8 slices per week, anything  that would give you gas... oh and the Sassy water was the only liquid I drank. When i first read about it, it sounded weird but it didnt really taste like nothing.
 So Im going to continue to drink it now and again to keep the belly in control as something different to drink and as a drink option when go out for dinner. :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

working out on a budget

 Hey everyone!
 I know there are people that seen or know a  fitness finatic and seen so many diets on T.V. Even seen infomercials about DVD's and workout machinery and thought" boy i would love to do that but i can't afford it". Listen I understand; if you been following me you know that I have been having hinderances on top of hinderances in my life that has slowed down ( not stoped) but slowed down my health & fitness goals. So i want to encourage you. Whoever is in the same boat as me or the person thats have challenges worse than mine; that really want to begin there own journey but is hard.

There are many no cost ways to begin a workout program just for you; that can get you started, then when you are able to invest in some other resources you will have a good start.

* First talk to your doctor. Find out what he/she can recommend you to start working on. From health concerns you might have, habits that need to be broken and a list of excersise techniques that would be good for you. Ask for a recommendation to a nutritionist. Plan together life changing  health goals that are challenging but realistic (so it wont be discouraging). Write them out, put it on a mirror, on the freezer, read it daily and commit to it and commit to yourself!

* Next: go on line or visit your community library. There are many books you can read to research about the goals you placed before you and the different ways it can get done.

* You're gonna like this one. You know those DVD's you wish you can get but you cant right now. Most libraries have fitness DVD's...FOR FREE!!  A huge assortment..cardio, arobics, pilaties, yoga. Most libraries you can request to keep them for a while ( a couple of months) when you get to familiar with it take it back and GET ANOTHER ONE!!!!

* Did you know one of the best ways to workout you wont need anything but your feet and legs.... running, jogging, jumprope (without one. indoors or outdoors)? Run/ sprint in place for about a half hour at about 5-15 miles per hour; you will sweat and lose a calorie or two ;).


* You can use your furniture as workout equipment, jugs of water for weights~~ the ideas are endless! You can do it!!!

* Be around positive people and do your best to keep yourself free of stress. Im not a doctor but stress can add pounds to your body and take years from your life. YOU'RE WORTH MORE THAN THAT!!!!

* And my last quick tip: love you're self and believe in yourself. The only person that is stopping you is you. I have seen so many TV shows where people don't have arms or legs, blind, etc and they are still facing those fears and completing there goals. You can do it and you will do it. We can help each other. Times are hard but whats going on in society does not have the power to dictate to us who we are or who we can become.

Yal know im real on by blog. NO excuses...Bring it!!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

huge distraction

Ok, I know yal been wondering where I have been. Alot have been going on in my life that  has caused several distractions. My living arrangements have changed greatly, which took away my space to workout... very frustrating. So needless to say i have not been able to dig deep for almost 2 months.
 I am keeping up with my diet for the most part. One good thing i have learned about my self during this time is that i am an emotional eater. So i been yo~yo~ing between 138~134. And i know yal are thinking" what is she complaining about "but.. 1) im disappointed in myself 2) my energy has fallin ( not as before but i notice) and 3) my butt has changed shape (i dont like) and now im back fighting with my belly.
Another good thing is that im moving to a home home! i cant wait because back to the drawing board but not the same board.
I will leave yal with this thought... even when you fall pray to being pushed back from your goals it is always an opportunity  to get back up and continue on. It will be new because you have learned at least 1 thing you can take with you the second or third time around that will give you new appreication, focus, understanding and strength to continue the quest to get the job done!
 Once i get settled in my new home between Christmas and the new year i will be back... yal better watch out!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hi everyone. I've been having internet difficulties. Miss yal much. My doctor let me know I need more vitamin D. I'm building up my vitamin D now!

Saturday, October 02, 2010


Ok everyone!
Alot has been going on since our last chat. I became a Beachbody Coach my website! Also my husband cholesterol has gone down... his doctor was impressed. also i have been having internet issues so i have not been able to begin the vblog. But dont fret it will come. I had blood work done last week and my doctor called me to tell me god and bad news. Good news everything is great! except my vitamin D is low :( So i have 3 months to build it up. He said I need the daily UL amount of 1000. Ok that is alot so im on a mission to improve my vitamin D! Yal know im not good with taking pills so I either have to find some vitamins that are small enough for me to take or i have to get very creative. More veggies that contain vitamin D! I  do have vitamins at home but they dont have closse to the amount i need. So i will keep yal up to date about  this. Remember Nicie's Fitness Quest is my in your face, real quest to healthy living that i am sharing with all of you!!!

There will be a testamony in 3 months!!! My weight has been stable at 133. Also i finally realize that i can not have an excess of bread no matter what kind it is. I BLOADS ME UP!  So i am limiting my bread intake to one sandwich a week. This is going to kill me but looking at the desired end/ results... that will be my motivation!!! Plus it goes straight to  my hips!
 Peace everyone and remember... Speak those things you want in your life, Trust in the Lord and everything else is in His hands!

Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm going YouTube!!

Nicie's Fitness Quest is going YouTube. Why because we all need support, help, a listening ear, and a possible a better explaination of the questions we have.
Also next week i will be starting round two of Insanity ( there is not many Insanity vids on YouTube) and starting a new chapter soooo....why not!!!! So subscribe @ wnicie! hope to see you soon!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Shakeology... the real deal!!!!!!!!!!!

Well everyone, I am a happy happy camper. Beachbody you have me for life! Day five of trying out Shakeology and I finally was able to "do the do" (yes pun intended)!  I am constipated still but i released... I RELEASED!! This is so big for me because for over a month I was unable to. Yal I was planning to push back my doctors appointment because this issue has been so nerve recking for me i needed a doctors intervention. I am still going to talk to my doctor about it but....WOW!!
 So yes i will be a Beachbody coach soon.
Also this is my last week of my Insanity 60 day workout. So for round two I will begin vblogs on You Tube. I know people suffering with IBS i soooo wonder if Shakeology is the answer for them???!

Friday, September 10, 2010


Alright... for the short hours I indulged in the delight of my 1st Shakeology experience yesterday; did I feel anything? Ok what can happen with only 1 cup?
Well I will say this it has been about a month since i had gas ( not the cramping kind) that my belly was turning and moving like i was pregnant. Now yal know I been having irregularity. It felt good to feel movement in my belly because it has not been happening for a while.
 This morning I had more because i shared with my husband( he doesnt like chocolate shake"stuff" i left him some from yesterday so he can try it and i didnt want to waste it) what was amazing was in the little swigg i left him i was able to add more water to it and it filled about a 8oz cup. That was cool to see; it stretches without the taste decreasing. The price is to look twice at but by it doing that shucks you can get a little more out of it for a quick fix, interesting....hmmmm

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Shakeology is here!!

It's here! It's here! Shakeology!. Ok I am so excited I can't stay still. I promised you I will keep you updated with my progress with my 7 day free sample. If you have been following me you know some of my health concerns. So I am also challenging Beachbody! If in a week I notice a change in my body, then when I win my 2nd week supply (*wink* )and see more results; I will become a Beachbody Coach!! Here I begin my promise.....
 Day 1
Because I got it in the evening and I cant wait to start I will have it for my dinner!. I will have a early dinner because I have an appointment tonight  and when I come home I want to do my workout for the day. Wow which recipe do I try? Chocolate peanut butter banana, maple buttercup, chocolate mint, chocolate mocha......oh yeah, it's sooo much you can do with this! it's no way you can get bored!!!
The fun begins........

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Peaceful meeting place

I am totally enjoying my self when i go to the track. I know the first thing that comes to mind when you hear that is "running"...not necessarily. Today i had a great workout. I took my weights and walked for 2 hours using the weights while i worked my arms, abs, shoulders, gluts, thighs. I did squats, lunges, leg lifts, knee lifts, speed walking. I ran up and down the bleachers. i pumped it, jogged and sprinted. I WORKED IT OUT!! i cant wait when i go back. It is now 1:19am and my thighs are still tingling. i wanted to work my thighs and arms more so that is why it was my focus today! it also gives me a sense of the Lord's presence because of the open skies. Even though other people are out there i feel and Him!

 yo, Insanity got me acting insane... "Im smiling because it love it"~Shaun T.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

what..which way???

Ok~ so something new is going on.Well my 'love handels' have smoothed it. But now my belly is tring to revert back to its old self... hate it! WHAT.. is the deal? I really thought that area would be difficult but it shunk faster than my belly ( without a fight). Its like they are racing each other; "no me first"; "no me"; "Ha ha I beat you". WHICH WAY... does my body wants to go!? Yes patience is a virtue.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shakeology win!!

Today on facebook Beachbody posted a contest to win 7days of free shakeology. You had to make a 1-2 min video, post it on youtube and be 1 out of 50 entrys. Well I WON!!!! I  love winning stuff and this isnt stuff; this is another step towards my health goals.
So now expect updates on my Shakeology progress...This is going to be good!!

Moving forward

I want to take the time to encourage you. What ever you are trying to do in life press on. It may not happen right away but if you continue to want it, it will. You must write down what you want and take any and all step it will take. Research if you can and DO IT!
 My exercise quest has been great. I'm  learning alot about  my body and my self and that is  the best part of the journey. Can you take a hit and keep on ...can you face a challenge and tackle it with bravery, can you believe you can do it. I have alot of craziness going on in my life now, but i tell you this being focused on positive things will and can keep your stress down and keep you focused...Try it today and know that small steps is better than no steps at all....!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

slimming, green, detox teas

I 've been doing alot of research during my quest which has been very enlightening. I have been hearing so much about green tea (yes nothing new) but the health benifits were to me. Green tea help manage weight, offers health benifits such as antioxiants, lowering your chance for developning cancer, etc. Also my coach says she always drink it. I makes my wonder...Wendy Williams on her show is always drinking tea (hmmm??)  Along with that I had teas at home that I forgot about that I can use to decrease my bloading. WOW!! Slimming tea and detox tea. I got them from Whole Foods and I tell you what IT WORKS. Drinking these teas through out the day helps to brake down  the foods in your stomache, helps with digestion and gas and gives you a slimming look!!! Dont forget plenty of water!!!!!
 Believe me I know I am not a doctor I am just a woman on a quest to a better life inward and on the outside. Trying to find my way, learning as I go along and to share it with you!!!


OK.. this week has been very challenging for me. I worked this week so I was unable to workout twice a day. I can deal with that. But what took me back was for some crazy reason around 6-7pm I feel like a little person is hanging from my eyelids and keep slamming my eyes shut! Needless to say i didn't exercise all week. I stayed with my diet but i didn't have the power to workout. Yes I'm upset with my self but also trying to figure out... WHAT HAPPENED!!???!
 My weight has been steady 136 and that's good and understandable because one issue is that i haven't been eating enough calories. This is hard!! Usually I don't  like eating when I'm not hungry, so at times I'm forcing myself to eat. They say that when you eat below your needed calorie intake you put your body into starvation mode ( don't feel like that to me but, ok). Also if that happens as far as weight is concerned you wont lose even if you exercise. That's probably why my weight has been stable. My 134 weight goal is not to far off. If I'm able to eat enough calories go down to 134 and continue weight lifting that should work so that  I wont lose to much junk in the trunk action! ;) Today I'm back on track.
We shall see, thank goodness this is a journey.....

Sunday, August 15, 2010

down to the stretch...

Well its been an interesting week. My body is doing new things... 1) I am getting extreemly tired at 7:30-8pm my normal time is  9pm. 2) my weight is going up and down between 134-136. Unsure why this is happening. I been thinking about my eating. i have gotten off schedule with eating 5 times a day. A  couple of times i missed breakfast (2 x). Dang did that really make the difference? Anyhow full speed ahead...
Iam at the final stretch with Insanity. I really have to make these last weeks count. I want to visibly earn my t-shirt. Tomorrow I do my third fit test. I didnot do well on the second test so hopefully the pain and sweat I poured out these past weeks will prove worth it.
 ill have the stats for you to see...

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Day 3 of 2 day fast

I am done Beachbody's 2 day fast ( This is Sunday morning) all I have to say is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! My start weight was 136. I did not feel hungry the whole time. I did not feel sick, no cramps. nothing. I only did yoga and pilaties. They recommend that you don't do strenuous workouts. Even with the summer heat and the other thing I did not release anything. I thought that would be part of the process.Even when i watched I few videos on youtube they mentioned that the person went to the bathroom. Also the instructions mentioned that but I did not do anything. I wonder does that mean I am finally regular or...?????
 My results are incredible ( oh i said that already...HA!) Ok drum roll..............................I lost 2 pounds!!
I now weigh 134! my goal weight is complete!!!!! My belly is showing a huge difference from the before pictures. I don't remember the last time my belly was this flat; not in my adulthood ill tell you that!!!!
 I am very happy. Way to go Beachbody! Yal are the real deal!!! I cant wait to get Shakeology!!!!!

Friday, August 06, 2010

2 day fast: day 1 breakfast/lunch

Breakfast: the shake is not bad. Since this is my first cup. Im mentally tried to feel whats going on with my body..... i dont feel anything lol. In between breakfast and lunch i really did not feel hungry. My mind wanted to eat because i usually eat breakfast so my mind is like " hello, did you forget something?".  So far so good.Oh i also did 30 min of pilaties. Lunch was just that, lunch with a creamy chocolate shake! Dinner is at least 6hrs away; in between i will have water or juice, go out and run some errans, then take a nap.
 See yal for dinner!!!

2 day fast/ try out

Staring today I'm doing a 2 day fast named: Beachbody 2 day fast ( simple enough). So the fast is a shake that you drink 3 times a day; breakfast, lunch and dinner. NO FOOD! only water  and/or juice. I have fasted in the past ( way longer than two days) for spiritual reasons so these two days will not kill me. The fast is supposed to guarantee to lose up to 7 pounds, detoxify your body ( i need that),decrease cravings for junk foods, renewed energy ( definitely need that), and clear up your skin. I got the chocolate flavor ( they have vanilla too). It also offers a jump start to using the workout programs Beachbody offers. I know what your thinking; "you already started yours"' I know but you can also do it within a workout they just recommend you not doing to much. Which i will continue to exercise doing Yoga. The videos i miss these two days i will do Sunday morning and Sunday night then i am caught up.
 I will let you know how it goes; oh yeah it taste pretty good!

Thursday, August 05, 2010


Im on my 4th week of Insanity and the 90 day (FB) challenge. Im very excited about how things are going! I have been doing yoga and my own working out ab work with weights. That has been interesting the ideas im coming up with, plus i have been watching videos to get more techniques. so far ive lost inches not much but its a start. i havent purchased a scale yet so i dont know if i lost any pounds. But i know that most of the time you will lose inches before pounds so im not going to worry to much about that. I seeing that my hips are going to be a challenge so im up for it. I dont want to lose my shape anyway so it is ok with me... and my hubby :)

needing encouragement July 31

So i been feeling discouraged with excersing. I havent stoped working out because of it. I guess I havent "pushed" because of it. I dont know if im doing my tape measure right but ever since I goofed and had two slice of pizza my measurements was differnt 1in more. I feel bad. What im thinking from talking to my coach... I need more fiber!! I thought I was doing enough.. maybe not. I told yal that im always bloaded so this was sad for me.
My husband said to work off that fat by sweating more. Sweat more....shucks I be spiting sweat!! but,,OK. But you know I looked at alot of videos of my coach and others and their before and after pictures. Many people slimmed down in like at least 3 months. So who am I to think my results should be faster.
 I didn't think it would be so hard.  People think that being thin is 'it'. Just because people are thin that doesn't mean they are healthy. No matter your body type being healthy, comfortable in your skin and healthy self esteem is whats important!

My background support is Beachbody. Go on their site and check it out it is very encouraging!! I go to it everyday to keep me focused. So the videos really gave me what i needed to  go on and research more.

Bring it!! July 25

Ok, I'm in my second week and i have been learning so much about healthy living and about my self. First my dinners consists of Lean cuisine meals, whole wheat foods (rice, bread, pasta, etc) special K cereals, smoothies and for snacks the 100 calorie ones ( chocolate chip, shortbread cookies) they are really good. I was in school this past weekend and my classmate took me to her favorite deli in Wilmington. I had the best burger i ever had... veggie burger!! You ever ate a double burger with lettuce and tomato with a bottle of water and DON'T feel heavy or tired afterwards? Me either until I had that burger.. OMGosh i felt light, hype and satisfied. I  know love veggie burgers. Yes I know I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and their are not many places that make that kind of food. But i went straight to the  market and tried the veggie burget from Baca.. it doesn't taste the same but with lettuce and tomatos it was as close as i can get! Oh yeah I WAS NOT BLOATED. Needless to say veggie burgers are the new edition to my diet, yeah!!!!

I been really empowered haven't felt tempted... yet so that a good thing. I'm focused!

My Diet July 17

Along with excersise I must make changes in my diet. Notice I did not say Im going on a diet. A person's diet is basicly their food choices; their food intake. It is good when you decide to make a change in your life especially involving your health you must 1) identify the issue 2) have the facts about the issue relating to you personally and 3) have a goal ( what do you want to do or what can be done about it) 4) what changes do you want to see and 5) after accomplishing your goal, how to sustain it ! My goal is to tone( tighten and strengthen) my body. I weigh 140 and look like im 5 months pregnant. Im always bloaded and my legs gets tired before the rest of my body... I NEED MORE ENERGY!!! I am pretty much a healthy person. I love fruit, salads and veggies (most of them *wink*), no smoking, drinking, keep up with my doctors appointments; but every now and again I want junk food. My weaknesses are icecream( I can knockout a pint in a half hour), any kind of breads( pastries, cookies, cakes, pies..ok im feeling tempted). But since my change of diet I have been eating.. fruit smoothies, nuts, different salads, no fried food, processed foods, 2% milk, smaller portions during dinner, and no more 2 sandwiches per servings. Along with my Insanity workout I also do Yoga, walking ( when you drive you sometimes forget how to walk; haha) and Pilaties. Oh Just to let you know I joined a group on facebook called 90 Day Challenge and I always post my progress there.
 So far so good with my workouts and I am feeling good about it. Im doing this alone and I know people say it is better to do this with someone it makes it more fun and the accountabliity is there and thats true for alot of people; support is a natural need and desire we all have. But for me I feel that if you want it for your self; really, really want it and if you have the conviction deep inside you ( not to say temptations wont come and you might stumble)  noone should be able to pull you away from what you need to do for your self. Sometimes we tend to put our desires on other people but when they drop off we stop or we blame them. ITS NOT THEiR GOAL, ITS NOT THEIR DESIRE... ITS NOT THEIR LIFE. We must bring in the strengh to accomplish what is in our own hearts and hold ourself accountable. We live (within the issue) everyday. We know that it is there. Sometimes to deal with it we hide or ignore it. Then when it rise in our face we panic or make bad choices hoping it go away...but it doesn't.

So here I am doing this quest alone but determind to complete the full 90days getting to know my self, growing as a woman, really seeing who Nicie is and when I reach that point every excuse I  used before about anything...I CANT USE AGAIN!

The beginning! July 12

Today I am beginning a new journey. I've done this before about eight years ago; but this is different. I am excersing again! What started this journey? Well growing older, being married with children and about to graduate from college ( undergraduate) I was asked a question. The question was;"What makes you happy?" To be honest I stumbled at the question being so because it was very unexpected and also at that time I could not think of an answer. That had me re-evaluating my life. I did not beat myself up about it to bad because prior to the question I had alot of challenges in my life so the "me factor" was really cloudy.

So I sat back on the question and here is my answer... I love to talk to rejected people. You know the homeless person sitting at the gas station or the "normal person" who does not know what to do with their life so they sit alone with their head down in dismay? Ok THAT BRING ME JOY  to just sit with the person and maybe just listen, buy them something to eat or tell them there is a better day coming. Ok you're wondering what does this have to do with fitness... NOTHING. But my point is I needed to find what makes me happy, what brings me joy and possibly ( hopefully) it will bring joy and hope to others!

So (present tense :))... I remembered that I enjoyed going to Balley's to workout. One day my husband and I was watching TV and stumbled on this infomercial of this workout video called Insanity. WOW, was this dude (the creator of the workout) crazy or what! They was going up and down, fast.., left and right. Well needless to say I was sold. I met this great person off of YOUTUBE and watched her workout journey using the video I purchased I was like;"I have to meet her!" I hooked up with her on Facebook and she has been a great help to me and my journey (thanx Selena !!!) 
So along with my Facebook/ Internet friends and during my personal time I am doing The Insanity workout for the required 60 days and I am not looking back! Below is my beginning stats and I will keep everyone posted with my Quest to a better lifestyle!!!