My journey!!

Thank you for visiting my quest towards a new and healthy me. It may take a village to raise a child but through wisdom a house is built and with understanding it is established! Again this is a new quest in my life; I am looking for support, encouragement, great stories and even pictures of your quest to a healthier you.

We can strenghten each other physicaly, spiritually and mentally. Lets see the power of unity as I live out my quest with you!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Real talk...

Ok, as you can see i have not been blogging for months now. Why you ask it is because of the reality of life. Have I been continuing on my Quest? I have but it has it"s bumps and bruses. I will explain.  Many hinderances have come my way that i am not happy with. I told my self today that i am determined to get back where I was and if i have to get radical to do it so be it! I am not one to back out of a challenge especialy one with myself so I WILL FINISH WHAT I STARTED!!!!! HA. But you know what; Quests are different for everybody and  some have an end and some does'nt; my quest does not so I will get back where i left off, change my way of thinking and proceed on... how about you??!!!