My journey!!

Thank you for visiting my quest towards a new and healthy me. It may take a village to raise a child but through wisdom a house is built and with understanding it is established! Again this is a new quest in my life; I am looking for support, encouragement, great stories and even pictures of your quest to a healthier you.

We can strenghten each other physicaly, spiritually and mentally. Lets see the power of unity as I live out my quest with you!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Today was an awesome day! Last week I ran 5.0 on the treadmill but today I was running 5.3; 10min run with 3 min walk time! Iam sooo proud of my self. Im getting closer to my goal, 5k and when I reach that; then I have to perfect it then.... 8k! This is really awesome and I am enjoying the ride. Oh yeah did I mention I lost 5 pounds! I have to bring up my strength training now because I been having so much fun running I forgot  about my second love WEIGHTS!!! Dont get me wrong I have been lifting but not hard enough. O well enough about me... You keep pressing towards your goals. It can take time to really learn your body needs but don't give up!  How long did it take you to get to know your self thru puberty? How long did/ is it taking to figure out your for real purpose; you know the one the Lord gave you?
 Dont forget we are doing this together!!!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011


WOW!  It has been a long time since the last time we were together. Well I done alot so lets get started.....
 I joined The YMCA and it has been great! I don't go to Lucille Roberts any more. The Y accommodations are better for my schedule and fitness needs!
 A month ago I was at the Y and I was on the stationary bike for about 30 min. Well about 3 days after my lower back became soooo tight I could not touch my toes let alone bend over and not feel like a robot. It was the worst!!! I went through that for 3 weeks. I went to the Y and spoke to one of the staff and he gave me some great pointers about my back and a way to help my body " even out". It did make it feel better but the tightness was still there.
SO one day I was feeling adventurous and decided to finally go for a run throughout the community. It was awesome!!! by the time I finished I remembered my back.... THE PAIN WAS GONE!!!!!!!! I could not believe it, is running this awesome!!! I have been running in the community ever since! Going back to the track and challenging my self with the distances and I saw good improvements and running more and longer on the treadmill.
I happen to ask the staff at the Y about the diet of a runner. She began to tell me that they have a running class every week and that the instructor is very seasoned and great at what he does. Well of course I joined the class and never looked back. The instructor is very encouraging and knowledgeable. He has been pushing me and Im glad. I still have a 5k to run ( straight through) before snow comes! O, did I tell yal I am also strength training... I LOVE THAT ALSO!
 I cant wait when I run far distances. Yesterday was the first time I ran the track 2x without stopping...WOW IM ON MY WAY!!!!
Enough about me, what awesome things have you learned about your fitness quest??? Please share. We are a family, we learn and become strengthened by sharing!! Until next time.... KEEP PUSHING FORWARD!!!