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Thank you for visiting my quest towards a new and healthy me. It may take a village to raise a child but through wisdom a house is built and with understanding it is established! Again this is a new quest in my life; I am looking for support, encouragement, great stories and even pictures of your quest to a healthier you.

We can strenghten each other physicaly, spiritually and mentally. Lets see the power of unity as I live out my quest with you!

Friday, April 06, 2012


 Here I am day 17 of my 90 day fitness and health journey. Let me share what I have been doing. Remember that I wanted to try to leave sugar alone (well wean off it). I think i been doing pretty good with that.  I have not been using refined sugar everyday. When I do via tea, I'll use 1 teaspoon, if I dont like the taste i deal with it or dont drink it. I  hardly had any milk (2% or lactose free) maybe 1-3 times. 4 slices at the most ( during a week span) of bread. My water intake SAD!!! I like water I dont know what my problem is... this needs serious improvement!  Protiens been very good. I read somewhere that to aid in muscle mass to have protien every meal so I been doing that 98% of the time. I been using GNC 100% whey protien. I like it, when im finished the bag i want to try something ( stronger?) more advanced. Fruits and veggies on the up and up.
 Im enjoying watching my body transform....
I have lost 3 pounds and 1/2 inches off my waist! This is great and my arm definition is great also!.
I been on this journey for the most part alone ( it like that sometimes). Sometimes I feel like I would work harder if i had a close accountability partner. I KNOW I WOULD!!! Summer is approaching I want to achieve my goal by then. Im glad for the friends I have on FB. Reading their progress encourages me to keep going and starting new goals.
I WILL KEEP GOING ON MY JOURNEY. I WILL NOT STOP! This is a lifestyle for me a way of life that I enjoy! This is a trial and error journey that will only make me stronger... how about you???

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